Get Comfortable

So, I’ve drifted from this blogging thing, for which I sincerely apologize.  I’m gonna try to get back on track here and update weekly with some juicy posts.  I’m also working on new erotica stories for those of us who like the thrill of titillating words (that’s totally me!)  I’ll put up a full bio and a list of current stories real soon, so keep your pants on–or maybe just go ahead and take them off.


Here I Am!

So, I thought I’d finally start a blog, since I’m also starting to publish my erotic stories for the Kindle.  Lord knows I have plenty to share, some taken from real experience and some completely made up.  This camera theme is kind of weird, but fits me, cuz I’m a slut for attention.  Guess that’s why I’ve turned to writing!

Anyway, so this is me.  I’m writing erotica and I’m blogging.  I hope you’ll stick around and see what happens, and don’t forget to check my stories out on Kindle.  I’ve just uploaded my first erotic tale, “Two for Teacher,” and it’s dirty indeed.  Check it out if you like hardcore action for your Kindle.

More soon!